My debut short film, presented by Creative Scotland in association with GMAC Film. Currently in consideration at festivals - make a wish for me.

A melancholy young woman takes a walk in a the countryside, her lonesome ennui disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious bon vivant who makes it her mission to showcase what joy the world has to offer.


BAGGO is in emotional lockdown, trapped in a world of her own intrusive thoughts. She goes for a walk in her rural village, over the hills and far away. Visiting the graveyard (a favourite pastime of emo girls everywhere), she meets mysterious LARK, dripping in fur, listening to music and holding a cigarette. Baggo offers her a light. Lark offers her an adventure.

In a series of bizarre vignettes - including a meeting of Emotion Club - Lark’s carefree and often surreal take on the world begins to rub off on Baggo, and then rub her up the wrong way.

Little Lark is a surreal comedy with a dynamic and unlikely intergenerational friendship between two women at its heart. It’s an ode to Francophilia, oddball duos and music as soul food in times of emotional strife.

Written, directed & produced by Catriona MacLeod.

Starring Flora Thomasson & Sheila Duncan.


For press and general enquires, contact:


Writer / Director / Producer

Catriona MacLeod



(+44) 0141 553 5400

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Photo: Sarah Darling